Comments from the beginning.

The first comments book started in July 1998. These are comments since then. We have included some negative comments, suggestions and the nice ones!  We took on board what people suggested and are grateful for their comments, good or bad.

July 1998 – ”A radio would be an advantage. The apartment is well situated and the garden a huge bonus. We will be back”. A radio seemed an excellent idea and it is still used despite more modern technology. With the digital age we can now listen to the radio on the television.

September 1998 – ”had problems opening the door but we appreciated all the care and thought which had gone into the apartment for renting and we loved the space”. The problem with the key provided many comments as some people had no problem and others did. It became a ‘fun’ running commentary with people highlighting the difficulties and others wondering what all the fuss was about! With a new door came a new lock and no more problems and no more stories of locals stopping to help.

May 1999 – ”A beautifully appointed apartment with every piece of cutlery, china and equipment possible”. We are well equipped and have added things when requests have seemed sensible. However, I am sure there are things that we do not need but someone wishes were here.

June 2000 – ”Having stayed here last year with my husband, I was so taken with this flat and its ‘home from home’ feel that I had finally found the place to take my mother”.  The token of appreciation that they left for us is still on the shelf in the sitting room.

July 2001 – “The advertisement we saw for Il Giardinetto was certainly inviting, but we hail from the kingdom of the advertisement and so not predisposed to expect such warmth, thoughtfulness and love in an apartment for rent”. A very kind comment from one of our many American guests.

June 2004 – “It is hard to add to the eulogies which have gone before in this book. This is indeed a wonderful apartment and so thoughtfully appointed”. This was the first comment left by a couple who have become regulars and friends.

October 2007 – “Each ‘clunk’ of the door lock at the end of the day only heightened our anticipation of the treats within”. I do wish I could have written something so poetic.

October 2009 – “We have so enjoyed our stay in the comfort of your lovely home”.

May 2011 – “It was a pleasure to stay in Il Giardinetto”.

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