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Shopping Map

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Food and Wine 

As from the 6th November 2020 we have a new Alimentari at the end of the Calle. We were able to buy some things before we left for the airport that morning.  They sell the normal meats and cheeses. Also milk, fresh pasta and a few ready prepared items along with some fruit and vegetables.

Food:- There are two Coop Supermarkets within a few minutes’ walk.  The one at the end of the Fondamenta Nuove is over three bridges but you can take the boat back with heavily laden bags and avoid the bridges.

There is an excellent baker close by that also sells milk. The bread is excellent (we love the Francesini rolls) and resisting the focaccia and cakes is very difficult.

There is a fish stall just past the bakers.

There are two greengrocers, one is close to the inland Coop and delicatessen.

Wine:- Apart from the supermarkets wine can be bought in Calle del Fumo. Take an empty plastic bottle (or buy one from them) and have it filled from a choice of red or white. At about 2 euro a litre it may not be Chateau Lafite but it is very quaffable and we drink it most of the time.  Further on is Dolceamaro which has a good selection of bottled wine, chocolates and food related gifts.

We are also very fortunate, in Calle del Fumo, to have Gianni Basso, printer extraordinaire as we are in having an excellent picture framer in Francesco DiPumpo opposite Gianni.  Further down in Calle del Fumo stop and look at the wonderful glass birds and fish that are made here.   After this there is a wonderful cobblers who have re-heeled shoes and stitched bags for us.

Supermarkets:- If you take the trolley with you there is usually a  sign as you go in telling you where to leave them, the word ‘carello’ is what you need to look for.

Fruit and vegetables: this is a different method than we are used to in UK supermarkets.  You use one of the provided plastic gloves to use along with the usual plastic bags. Having put your item in the bag it needs to be weighed and each item has a number ‘tasto’ which is pressed on the weighing machine and a label comes out with the description, weight and cost.  I tend to check the label to check that I have got it right!