Restaurants and Bars

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Here are just some of the restaurants and bars within easy reach of the flat.

Restaurants and Bars:-

Fondamenta Nove:

Algiubagiò:- A bar and restaurant. They  serve specials for lunch on weekdays. The A La Carte menu is well regarded and they have a very good wine list. Excellent staff.   This is our local so we are biased. A range of croissants are available to have with your morning coffee or rolls and light meals for lunch in the bar. 

Cupido:- . Open all day it serves a good range of rolls, pizzas and other food.

Caffe Gelato:-  Pizzas and a good choice of light meals.

Trattoria Da Alvise:-  A pizzeria and restaurant. We have been eating here for over 21 years, under  different owners so we are biased. Pizzas, fish and meat served. This now closes for 3 months over the winter period, when we are there, so we do not use it so often.

There is a new bar in Calle del Fumo (close to the Fondamenta).  We have not tried it yet.

La Frasca:-  Campiello della Carita. This is fish based so we do not eat here but it does have a good reputation.

Recondito:–  Campiello del Pestrin. This new bar opened in 2017 and we really enjoy it.  A friend said that the menu is worthy of being called  an Osteria.   There are no tables but stools at a bar overlooking the Campiello where you can watch the world go by.   We have had some lovely food here. They had a Hamburger Bismarck on the menu and we discovered it was a beefburger topped with cheese, onions, pancetta and a fried egg. I discovered that ‘alla Bismarck’ means any meat topped with a fried egg.  I did try it at home but it was not as good as theirs.

Trattoria La Colonna:– Campiello del Pestrin,  Calle del Fumo.   Open at lunchtime and opens at 18.30 in the evening.  This is our local. The veal chop, simply grilled is one of my favourites.    They also have a fixed price menu which changes according to the season.   Friends say the scallops are the best that they have eaten.  I have recently taken to eating the coda di rospa (monk fish) and it has become a favourite of mine. We are used to (in the UK) having cheese at the end of a meal. Here, as well as at Antico Gatoleto, small bite sized pieces of several cheeses are served with honey or a jam. A wonderful chocolate salami, made on the premises, is a lovely way to finish a meal.

Trattoria Cea:- Calle del Pestrin, very busy at lunchtime with workmen. It opens from 18:00-21:00 in the evening. The A La Carte menu is fish based but the set price menu has meat options.  Not fine dining but the fixed price menu is good value.

Antico Gatoleto:- Campo Santa Maria Nova.  Pizzeria/Trattoria. This is open all day which is very convenient if you want an early meal.  The marinated salmon starter is excellent and I really enjoy the rombo (turbot)- along with many other dishes.  A good selection of rather nice home made puddings.